A practical template for change with real-life examples and applicable strategies drawn on evidenced-based theories,showing the way to personal empowerment to reclaim and live your true potential.”

—Concepcion Barrio, Ph.D. Associate Professor,
University of Southern California School of Social Work

Dr. Holly Hunt’s groundbreaking work, Emotional Exorcism: Expelling the Four Psychological Demons That Make Us Backslide (Praeger, 2009), offers all those in emotional distress a new way to face and banish their demons. Dr. Hunt shows how life experiences can create a core of negative belief she calls the “Master Demon,” as well as self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior patterns called the “Four Soldier Demons.” She then provides a practical, user-friendly, research-grounded model to enable readers to change those self-sabotaging thoughts, behaviors, and feelings.

Through a variety of tools, this book helps readers identify the sources of their emotional distress in their earlier lives through a revealing, easy-to-understand “Demon Model.” It provides easy-to-use tools to empower sufferers to spotlight the Soldier Demons, refuse their directives, and stop feeding them negative emotional energy, READ MORE

Dr. Hunt provides information to businesses and organizations as a speaker, emphasizing effective ways to expel the four psychological demons that make people backslide on the job and at home. Holly empowers attendees through instructive, motivational sessions to gain freedom from self-sabotaging patterns to acheiver their full potential at work and in their personal lives. READ MORE

Click below to see Dr. Holly Hunt in action:

Click below to hear Dr. Holly Hunt in action:

Breaking the Self-Sabotage Cycle (4 min)
Using the Demon Model to Overcome Self-Defeating Patterns (3½ min)

Dr. Hunt’s first book provides highly practical and useful information for new and seasoned health professionals, drawn from her experience in private practice since 1990: how to cut overhead costs, simplify insurance paperwork, manage appointments, handle billing, and implement efficient client policies. W.W. Norton, 2005.

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