An intriguing approach to helping people once again enjoy fulfilling and productive lives. Engaging, stimulating, captivating – an insightful “hands on” approach, developed over years of clinical experience.

-Pat DeLeon Ph.D., J.D., M.P.H.
Former President, American Psychological Association

Emotional Exorcism offers a powerful, user-friendly, research-grounded model and tools to change self-sabotaging thoughts, behaviors, and feelings without the burden of battling yourself. Especially for anyone who backslides into sadness, anxiety, anger, or addictive behaviors, Emotional Exorcism provides a potent way with practical strategies to exorcise your psychological demons and achieve your full potential at work and in your personal life.

  • Practical tools are provided to spotlight the Soldier Demons, refuse their directives, and stop feeding them and the Master Demon negative emotional energy.
  • Genuine stories of clients beset with demons offer illustrative examples throughout the book of triumphs and failures in expelling psychological demons.
  • Tables throughout the chapters summarize valuable demon depleting strategies; entries from clients’ journals show examples of how to use exorcism strategies in daily life.

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An excerpt from Emotional Exorcism:

Through four types of negative early learning experiences, our caregivers install the Master Demon program into us, just as a technician installs software onto a computer’s hard drive. With each new hurtful incident and self-blame, the Master Demon grows and is strengthened by our negative emotional energy. Since it forms so early through childhood experiences, we don’t realize that it is separate from us. We go through life believing that we’re defective and unworthy. In reality the Master Demon is just an ingrained program that was installed without our awareness or approval.


The Soldier Demon Metaphor

Negative life experiences also produce self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. These negative patterns are represented by a similarly recognizable metaphor, the Soldier Demon. Soldier Demons are programmed to protect and serve the Master Demon to keep the negative core belief intact. They generate emotional negativity in their hosts which provides a power supply, an energy source for the demons. Negative emotions include fear, anxiety, sadness, depression, despair, anger, hate, self-loathing, guilt, jealousy, etc.


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