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Ammunition For The Ongoing Battle With Inner Demons

“Professionals and non-professionals will find Dr. Hunt’s book enormously helpful in their work and in their lives. Dr. Hunt provides a template for identifying and expelling the negative internal forces, and their idiosyncratic patterns, that both sabotage and stall personal growth and fulfillment.”
Concepcion Barrio, Ph.D., Associate Professor, USC School of Social Work

“Dr. Holly Hunt, a respected psychologist, has used her clinical acumen and experience to construct a bold new way to combat the negative thoughts and behavior that plague many. Her use of appealing metaphors, such as ‘master demons’ and ‘soldier demons’ offers a fresh approach that should prove to work well, especially with those who have tried and failed to stop their self-defeating behavior utilizing other methods.”
Sandra L. Ceren, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Diplomate, American Board
of Family Psychology and Author of Essentials of Premarital Counseling

Compared to previous decades, it is estimated that two-thirds more of Americans have sought help for some kind of emotional suffering—and yet surveys continue to show that people aren’t feeling much better. Is it possible to engage the demons at the heart of common problems and conquer them once and for all?

Dr. Holly Hunt’s groundbreaking work, EMOTIONAL EXORCISM: Expelling the Four Psychological Demons That Make Us Backslide, new from Praeger, offers all those in emotional distress a new way to face one’s demons and banish them once and for all. For anyone unable to pull themselves out of sadness, anxiety, anger, or addictive behaviors, it is a potent and practical strategy for expelling psychological demons and stopping the feeling of failure.

Drawing on years of experience in private practice with clients of all backgrounds, Dr. Hunt shows how earlier life experiences can create a core of negative belief she calls the “Master Demon,” as well as self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior patterns called the “Four Soldier Demons.” These generate emotional negativity within us, providing a power source for the demons. Dr. Hunt then provides a practical, user-friendly, research-grounded model to change those self-sabotaging thoughts, behaviors, and feelings without the self-defeating burden of battling ourselves. Through a variety of tools, she empowers readers to separate from, stop feeding, and effectively exorcize our psychological demons.

EMOTIONAL EXORCISM is an essential new work, particularly because it:

• Helps readers identify the sources of their emotional distress in their earlier lives through a revealing, easy-to-understand “Demon Model”
• Offers the advice of a leading private therapist, drawing on years of working with emotionally distressed clients
• Provides easy-to-use tools to spotlight the Soldier Demons, refuse their directives, and stop feeding them and the Master Demon negative emotional energy
• Includes real case studies of clients beset with demons and how they achieved triumphs and avoided failures

HOLLY A. HUNT, Ph.D., is a speaker, author, and psychologist based in Southern California, where she first established her private practice in 1990. Her published works include Essentials of Private Practice: Streamlining Costs, Procedures, and Policies for Less Stress. She received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Kansas in 1988. She interned at the VA Medical Center in Sepulveda, CA, and worked as a staff psychologist at the VA Medical Center in Long Beach, CA. She is the past chair of the Practice Management Committee of the San Diego Psychological Association. Dr. Hunt provides presentations on the topic of expelling the four psychological demons that make us backslide. For more information, visit

Print: 6/2009 • © 2009 • 978-0-313-36021-3 • $34.95

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Breaking the Self-Sabotage Cycle (4 min)
Using the Demon Model to Overcome Self-Defeating Patterns (3½ min)

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