Dr. Holly Hunt’s presentations, based on her new book, Emotional Exorcism, offer a powerful explanation as to why people don’t measure-up and companies under-perform. She provides human resource managers and senior leaders with vital information on how to help their employees overcome the demons in their lives and become top performers. By utilizing her model and practical strategies, you’ll save your business big bucks by reducing absenteeism, lowering employee turnover, and dealing with job-related stress. They’re just that good!

—Thomas Hinton, President & CEO, American Consumer Council

Attendees learn a practical, research-grounded, user-friendly model and tools that they can immediately implement to gain freedom from self-sabotaging problems. They receive specific, effective strategies to identify and expel the psychological demons that undermine their success at work and in their personal lives.

Dr. Hunt’s presentations help businesses and organizations to:

• Reduce absenteeism by helping employees to optimally manage their work and personal stress, increasing their motivation, confidence, and self-esteem.

• Reduce employee turnover by providing them with practical, daily tools to reduce and prevent debilitating sadness, anxiety, anger, and addictive behaviors.

• Improve employee performance and productivity with strategies to manage their workloads, effectively deal with critical, angry people, get tasks done without procrastinating, use negative feedback to their advantage, face the fears that hold them back, and proactively pursue new workplace skills.

Dr. Hunt bring insights, clinical expertise and illustrative examples from 20 years of working with people of all backgrounds, who struggled with frustrating problems that undermined their work and personal lives, ranging from mild sadness, uncertainties, and annoying habits to major depression, anxiety, anger, and severe addictions. Attendees gain practical, hands-on experience by learning to utilize tools which they can immediately use to catch and expel the psychological demons that afflict them in their daily lives.

Seminars and workshops are tailored to individual company needs. Presentations range from one to three hours, half-day and full-day options. Dr. Hunt is also available as a Keynote Speaker.

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Click below to see Dr. Holly Hunt in action:

Click below to hear Dr. Holly Hunt in action:

Breaking the Self-Sabotage Cycle (4 min)
Using the Demon Model to Overcome Self-Defeating Patterns (3½ min)

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